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Down Town Vancouver

Mi Tierra Holidays   604.689-5571

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Vancouver West Side

 Flight Centre Granville St.   604.739-9539

Renshaw Travel   604.730-3351

 Concorde Travel   604.263.0861

 Crown Travel  604.736.2585

 North Vancouver

 Maureen K Travel  604.986.4404


We will also work with your existing travel agent to provide you an exceptional holiday experience and welcome agencies in different areas to carry our line of quality Vacation Excursions in Mexico

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Seven Sunset Tours

Offering affordable adventure holiday packages based on double occupancy FOB the airport in Puerto Vallarta.


Please note additional premiums must be charged for requested tours requiring special skills, training or equipment (ie: Spanish Lessons, Scuba diving, Deep Sea Fishing, Golf, Horseback riding and Whale watching) we can arrange these events on your behalf however the charge for such special events must be quoted in addition to our daily rate.


*** For Christmas and Easter Vacations periods***

Please note that all costs for accommodations, rentals, food and services double in these two holiday seasons, we are sorry but we cannot provide our tours in these two time periods at our usual rates. Should you wish to visit Mexico with us in these holiday periods we will be happy to research our added costs and extend an adjusted quotation to you.

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