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We are located at "Playa Los Cocos" (a beach approx. 187 kms. North of Puerto Vallarta near San Blas) our area has the vitality, beauty, culture and history of real Mexico. We are not far from the airport at Puerto Vallarta, but a world away from the typical glitter, noise and trappings of a tourist resort. Seven Sunset Tours provide a safe and comfortable environment for all. Stress free, tropical exotic charm defines our tour packages.


Utilizing the beautiful Hotel Casa Manana as our home base and resource center, with the experience, local knowledge and linguistic talents of our area guides (all Canadians with Spanish as a second language), our clients confidently explore "The Real Mexico's" pristine beaches, jungle water falls, volcanic lakes, colonial forts, pre-Hispanic villages, village rodeo's, nature (bird and crocodile) sanctuaries, towns and cities.



We do hope that you can join us at Playa Los Cocos in the near future.




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