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Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor Nancy Frohlick
Nancy has been a student of yoga for over 15 years and a teacher in Vancouver for the past 6 years. She has studied extensively with many  inspiring international and local instructors.
Nancy brings to her teaching her joy, enthusiasm, love of yoga, and a great sense of humor. Her gentle guidance and knowledge of yoga therapeutics are a blessing for those who may be physically challenged. She has had the opportunity teach students of all ages and levels of yoga experience.

"Nancy takes us through the practice of yoga with such tenderness and clarity. Nancy's classes have enhanced the way I feel about
my body as well as made me more conscious of my overall health. She has consistently and patiently helped me to reach
my potential in yoga! Nancy is a truly wonderful find!" Sherry wasserman

"Nancy has a certain presence that seems to embody the whole spirit of yoga. I found Nancy to be a role model, somebody
to emulate, rather than "just" a yoga teacher. Plus she has the most fantastic, soothing voice!" Christine Atkins


Nancy Frohlick



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