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Tim Schumacher 
A love for Mexico, a heart of gold and an all around great guy that's my buddy Tim. Tim's back ground is that of a professional musician, song writer , adventurer and guide. His Spanish is perfect (it has to be because he is married to a lovely Mexican lady who at the time of their wedding spoke very little English) now Tim even takes his whole "Tex-Mex" band on tours in Mexico singing half their sets in Spanish (it's pretty wild to see, kind of a Mexican version of the all white band)

Ten years ago Shannon and I went to Puerto Vallarta to meet up with Tim (who I had met playing Fastball here in Vancouver, it was our first trip to the west coast of Mexico and we didn't know exactly what to expect, I assumed it would be the same as Cancun and Cozmel which we had visited the year before. I was right Vallarta is similar. Tim had just driven down from Vancouver so as we hung out in PV for a couple of days to recuperate after which Tim took us on the adventure "To Die For!". As the commercial goes "I liked it so much I bought the company" I think everyone will enjoy touring with my partner Tim. 

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