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John Stewart has been coming to Mexico for more than 20 years 
Wouldn't you know it, John has been a professional photographer for 35 years and I can't find a good picture of him yet! (I guess he likes it behind a camera so much it's hard to get him in front of one) not to worry my wife say's she has some somewhere so we will have a few shots of him in place soon. John is a great friend and an extremely interesting guy from Calgary, as a photographer/ photo journalist  he has done pretty much everything from capturing an entire western cattle drive on film to shooting portraits of the Queen. John is a traveler and an explorer I really can't think of anywhere he hasn't been. John possesses excellent Spanish skill, a natural gift of the gab and the ability to converse on many levels in both languages, he knows the west coast of Mexico as well as anyone, " I cannot think of anyone more qualified to guide tours ". 
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