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Simply stated our mandate and philosophy is to provide an enjoyable, stress free and affordable holiday tour experience for vacationers wishing to explore more of Mexico than the usual tourist resort destinations can provide. 

Using the beautiful full service Hotel Casa Manana as our base of operation and resource center, we will escort small groups (up to eight people) on tours of authentic Mexican historic sites, wild life sanctuaries and the natural wonders of the Mexican beaches and country side.

We offer tours only to small groups therefore our tour packaging is extremely flexible and can be customized to please you our client's needs, should you wish to explore the markets of the metropolis called Guadalajara or  visit a pre-Hispanic village, just let us know so that we can personalize your visit.

Our tours are quoted in Canadian dollars, pre-arranged and coordinated with your flight times here in Vancouver. You will have no hidden charges and will know exactly what is included before you board your flight.

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